organic cupuacu powder directly from the farm – no intermediaries – fair price for the farmer and consumer

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Why Chia-Direct means: high quality – low price

Buying from the Chia-Direct company means promoting and supporting overall well-being using a direct supply chain; well being for the local Bolivian community paying a fair price for sustainable development and well being for the environment and biodiversity

Chia-Direct means: directly from the farm to the customer bypassing powerful traditional intermediaries who pay as little as possible to the producer and sell it as expensive as possible to the consumer.

Instead: Chia-Direct uses internet technology to connect the farmer directly with the consumer. The farmer receives a fair price and also the consumer pays a low fair price too for the exact same high quality organic product.

Chia-Direct means: high quality – low price. Read more.

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  1. 5,3lbs organic cupuacu powder freeze dried
    5,3lbs organic cupuacu powder freeze dried

    5,3lbs organic cupuacu powder freeze dried


    price per oz $1.97

    Cupuacu powder is 100% certified organic and raw with no additives. In our product there are no stabilizers, no citric acids and no sugars added to the cupuacu Powder as compared to our competitors. Our product is Freeze dried which means that it removes the moisture at a cold temperature from the cupuacu fruit while preserving all of its important nutritional properties.

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