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Good quality chia seeds are based upon three factors:


    purity or the existence of foreign factors. Chia-direct sells 99.97% pure

    the existence of yellow or brown colored seeds. None existent at

    the moisture level of the seeds itself which effect shelf life. Up to max 8% which guarantees a 2 year shelf life if stored cool and dry


both the existence of foreign factors and the existence of yellow and brown seeds are easily removed (or cleaned) with the existence of the correct equipment such as has. See here for more information on the cleaning process and see here for more on high and low quality chia seeds


whole sale chia seed packaging

in principle we pack in reinforced new polypropylene bags of 25 kg./net. From 25kgs and up to 500kgs we ship thru a courier, either ordered from your side or from our side. From 500kgs we ship much cheaper by sea to any possible sea port.


Full container loads are either 22 tons, or or 18 tons (18,000 kilos) if palletized. Our conditions of sale are standard FOB (free on board). The standard documents you need for your import are invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading, Phitosanitary and fumigation certificate. If there is special needs, please ask your local custom agent using the chia seeds harmonized code 1207999900


Special pricing on chia seeds

Please note that some suppliers make use of clients unawareness of quality and offers poor inferior quality and sell for a lower price. It is the same like selling blue and brown apples for less and then ask a proper supplier if he can do it for the same price.

What does positively influence on price is pre ordering (there is only one harvest per year), financing and which other opportunity for negotiation.


Private branding, packaging and barcode

Consecutive and large order qualify for private branding, packaging with a barcode, please ask for our quote if you want us to send boxes with ready to sell consumer packs.

standard 1500 kilo pallet

standard 1500 kilo pallet;

10 layers of 6 bags each layer x 25 kilos

40 tons chia stored

40 tons of chia stored ready for shipment

great quality deep colored black white

great quality deep colored black and white chia seeds

customized chia packagingchia stand up pouchechia seed zip lock pack

Customized packaging in whichever pack, design weight , etc



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