Chia seeds delicious recipe

light and fluffy caramelized banana and chia pancakes


light and fluffy caramelized banana & chia pancakes. The chia seeds make the pancakes crunchy.


two tablespoon melted butter

three tablespoon water

three quarters cup unbleached white flour

quarter teaspoon kosher salt

quarter cup whole wheat pastry flour

one teaspoon granulated sugar

one teaspoon baking powder

one tablespoon chia seed

one tablespoon brown sugar

one each banana, peeled and sliced into one/four-inch slices (total 16 slices)

one cup buttermilk*

half teaspoon baking soda


caramelized banana chia pancakes




1.        add chia seeds to some water for about onefive minutes and let sit until the chia seeds start to gel.

2.        whisk together sugar, baking powder, flours the soda and salt in a mixing bowl. Then add the melted butter and the buttermilk to the gelled chia and then combine this mixture into the dry ingredients. Stir the entire mixture with the chia seeds etc until just combined but do not over mix).

3.        when done, medium heat a griddle and spray the griddle lightly with non-stick spray. Put the batter into griddle and place two banana slices into each pancake and press down the banana slices slightly. When almost done, sprinkle the pancake surface with a little sugar.

4.        start flipping the pancake when bubbles appear on its surface and when the edges start to look a little dry. This starts to happen after about three to four minutes. Make sure the sugar isn't getting too dark and adjust heat as needed. Cook the second side of the pancake two to three more minutes. Keep it warm in a two00 Fahrenheit oven when you cook your pancakes in batches. Serve the chia banana pancakes with maple syrup.


Please note that instead of buttermilk also soured milk can be used. Add one tablespoon of vinegar to a measuring cup and add enough milk to equal one cup. let this mixture sit for five minutes.


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