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History of chia-direct: how did we start and where do we come from – seeds from the highest needs


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When in 2008 the worldwide economic crises arrived meanly in the construction sector, our company being a lumber company was first to be affected. Valuable assets such as heavy machinery was standing still while vast amounts of fields were waiting for ‘something’.


Most often, when the need is highest the best ideas are born, making use of all assets and all available fields some small calculations made rapidly clear that production of the novelfood chia was very much in reach. Hiring specialized agronomic engineers and a few more machines and our company turned successfully into the multiple use company: hardwood and oilseeds.


Since we are located in virgin fields, organic cultivating practices is a logic step, making use of its natural biological environment makes the crop more valuable in terms of export price but also comes together with a cheaper cost, since neither pesticides nor herbicides are used for a very very good quality grains.


Chia very first test field

The very first start was making use of the mill as a test field, approximately 4 hectares (40,000 m2) for cultivating chia, sesame, beans and corn. The latter two crops we use for crop rotation, for compulsorily for sustainable organic cultivation practiced.
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processing and cleaning plant


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superfood chia seeds

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Our history: where do we come from and how did chia direct start

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