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Chia Seeds low and high quality explained



Good quality chia seeds are based upon three factors:


·    purity or the existence of foreign factors. Chia-direct sells 99.97% pure

·    the existence of yellow or brown colored seeds. None existent at

·    the moisture level of the seeds itself which effect shelf life. Up to max 8% which guarantees a 2 year shelf life if stored cool and dry


both the existence of foreign factors and the existence of yellow and brown seeds are easily removed (or cleaned) with the existence of the correct equipment such as has. See here for more information on the cleaning process


Good or bad quality chia seed judging on the color of the seeds:

the most visible difference between good and bad quality chia seeds is the existence of yellow, yellowish, brownish, brown seeds. These yellow/ brown seeds are immature and contain less minerals, proteins vitamins and omega-3. Good quality seeds are pure dark with or brown. There is no difference in texture between with or brown seeds. They are both the same in fibers, minerals, vitamins and omega-3. This is not true for the yellow brown colored seeds.


The origin of the yellow brown seeds are from a deficit harvest.

Thru life of the crop suddenly some harsh weather came across with cold or too much rain. This made the crop to mature too fast producing immature seeds. Because these are low quality seeds, the price should be much lower, however, some suppliers make use of client’s unawareness. The following pictures will hopefully clarify the difference between good quality and bad quality chia seeds.


Good or bad quality chia seed judging on purity or existence of ‘foreign material’

Bad quality also means the existence of weeds, leaves, particles from the crop itself, other seeds, whatever which is not chia seed itself. In the picture on your right chia seeds that are poorly cleaned.


poor quality chia seeds yellow immature seeds

poor quality chia seeds with yellow immature seeds and on the right the existence of foreign material (not seeds) such as weeds, leaves and other particles.

perfect quality deep colored grains

perfect quality deep colored chia seeds

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On this picture the seeds are actually sprouting





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Chia Seeds high and low quality explained

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