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Chia seeds health benefits

Health benefits from eating chia seeds on loosing and controlling weight, energy level, pregnancy and diabetics


Chia seeds and its usage to control weight

To consume chia seeds, we advise to eat just some small quantity, to put it into a number make sure not more than an ounce per day since chia seeds are very highly fiber rich thru which large quantities make your stomach upset. In respect of weight control, chia seeds thru this rich source of fiber makes you keep you feel full for a longer time and this feeling full will then make you less interested in overeating. When consuming humid or wet chia seeds they form in your stomach some kind of a gelatinous content which also takes longer to digest. So by eating chia seeds you are less likely to overeat and snack less. We recommend to eat chia just before a meal that makes you eat less to  control your weight using chia.


Chia heightens significantly your energy levels

Consuming chia is a nutritional omega 3 and 6 puncher. when you eat chia seeds digestion release slowly energy that enables you for a longer time without the need for the next meal. Eating chia seeds means a sustained release of energy for your body. This is good for keeping you from feeling hungry but also for athletes who wish to improve their capacity for endurance and in respect of muscle repair.


Consuming chia seeds favors pregnancy

Chia oil seeds also are also very good for pregnancy. Omega 3 is needed for their babies  particularly for their babies' brain health. So, most pregnant women start eating fish due to its rich source of mercury, however a much better and effective way to obtain omega in their diet is consuming chia seeds without worrying about the mercury from fish oil or the fish itself.


consuming chia seeds and its highly favorable effect on diabetics

eating chia seeds is not just about beauty and being more healthy, it also prevets from death serious illness such as diabetes. Consuming chia seeds definitely also has a positive impact on the blood glucose type 2 diabetes. using of just 1 tablespoon chia seeds by type 2 diabetics prove a decrease in their blood glucose levels.




chia seeds control weight

chia seeds helps to control your weight

consuming chia seeds improve endurance activities

consuming chia seeds improve endurance activities

effects of diabetics

effects of diabetics

weight controlpregnancy omega 3chia seeds diabetics

Weight control

Pregnancy and omega 3

Chia seeds and diabetics




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chia seeds helps energy level, helps prevent diabetics control weight and pregnancy

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