Chia seeds delicious recipe

chia chip cookies


chia chip cookies


five cups of quick cook steel cut fine powder oats

four cups with walnuts

four eggs

one bag of dark chocolate chips

one chocolate bar (grated)

one teaspoon of sea salt

two cups brown sugar

two cups of milled chia seed

two cups organic unbleached white flour

two cups of sugar

two tablespoon of water

two teaspoon baking powder

two teaspoon baking soda

two teaspoon vanilla extract

chia chip cookies




1.        Add all the mentioned (six) dry ingredients together.

2.        Cream both butter and sugars together.

3.        Then add one egg at a time to the butter sugar mixture and then add vanilla.

4.        Add the dry mixture into butter sugar mix and do this slowly and then add water up to four tablespoons if it is very dry).

5.        stir in the walnuts and chocolates by hand.

6.        shape into one and one or two tablespoons balls of dough flatten with a whole nut on top.

7.        bake the entire mixture at 375 Fahrenheit until done for about ten minutes and freeze them very well to have ready whenever guests are coming over.


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chia chip cookies

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