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Whether you are a whole sales or a consumer, ALWAYS has the best deal for you since we are selling DIRECTLY from the organic fields located in Bolivia thru Amazon and wholesale to every seaport in the world. for the lowest possible price

highest quality - directly from the source



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It is not just about the price, is ALSO offering you the very best quality, this is what is some of our competitors is trying to sell (for even a higher price!!)

special offer chia seeds

chia seeds special offer

great quality chia seeds

deep black and white colored great quality chia seeds

chia-direct proper fields proper fields

chiaseeds special offer

low quality yellow and brown immature seeds that virtually do not contain omega 3, fibers etc

much more on chia high and low quality explained


So why exactly is the picture on the left poor quality?


purity or the existence of foreign factors. Chia-direct sells 99.97% pure


the existence of yellow or brown colored seeds. None existent at


both the existence of foreign factors and the existence of yellow and brown seeds as shown in the picture on the left are easily removed (or cleaned) with the existence of the correct equipment such as has. See here for more information on the cleaning process





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great quality chia seeds small prices

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