Chia seeds delicious recipe

chia cherry cornbread


chia cherry cornbread


half teaspoon sea salt

one and a half cup of rice milk

one cup tart cherries

one large sweet onion, chopped

one ripe finely mashed avocado

one teaspoon baking powder

one teaspoon of dried sage

one teaspoon with lemon peel

one three quarter cup of gluten free medium cornmeal

quarter cup of coconut flakes

quarter cup of pecan halves

quarter teaspoon of ground cardamom

quarter teaspoon of nutritional yeast

quarter teaspoon of paprika

three large beaten eggs

two cups of grilled corn kernels

two tablespoon with chia seed

optional: plain Greek yogurt

chia cherry cornbread




1.        preheat oven to 350 Fahrenheit and prepare a square baking dish with a cooking spray.

2.        in a food processor, pulse avocado and grilled corn for onefive-two0 seconds. transfer to a large mixing bowl. combine remaining ingredients and add to corn mixture. mix well to combine.

3.        transfer mixture to prepared baking dish. bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown.

4.        serve with a dollop of yogurt. enjoy!


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chia cherry cornbread

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