Chia seeds delicious recipe

baked chia bagels



baked chia bagels

this recipe uses chia seeds in two ways: as a garnish and as a substitute for eggs. This recipe is high on fiber, soy free, veggie, gluten free and lactose free


four cups gf all purpose baking flour

twelve  tablespoon warm water

one teaspoon baking powder

two tablespoon chia seed

one tablespoon rock salt (optional)

two tablespoons grounded chia seed

one teaspoon instant yeast

one teaspoon xanthan gum

two tablespoons of sugar

three tablespoon grapeseed oil

one cup warm water



recipe baked chia bagels



1.        soak the two tablespoons grounded chia seeds in 12 tablespoons water and let sit.

2.        mix the dry ingredients (flour, yeast, sugar, xanthan gum and baking powder). Mix one cup water together with grape seed oil  and the chia seed gel. Then add the dry ingredients and for three minutes beat on medium/ high.

3.        to form the bagels, make you hands humid and on top of each bagel sprinkle one teaspoon of chia seeds mixed (if desired with salt) of each bagel. Proof for 30 minutes.

4.        bake the bagels at three7five Fahrenheit for 12 minutes.


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recipe delicious baked chia bagels

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